The Fortune Cats

The Fortune Cats are gold idols that investigate an individual's interaction with the 'other'. They take the questions we ask of ourselves and the universe and give them form.

Such is the scale and imposing nature of the Cats, they provide a huge focus of attention and interest in any public space. The atmospheric lighting and ambient soundscape, plus their highly devoted (and visible) gold lame-clad monk keepers further serve to engender interest and a sense of otherworldly wonder in festival attenders.

Within minutes large crowds gather to watch the arcane and sometimes hilarious ceremonies the keepers enact to awake the cats, followed by the curiosity and spectacle of members of that crowd getting the chance to ask the cats (provided correct protocol is followed as indicated by the keepers) any question that is close to their heart.

This is answered by the cats (the voices provided by hidden expert actors armed with a vast database of philosophy, gags and profundities plus their own quick wits) for the supplicant and put through a PA for all the crowd to enjoy.

Some people get so intrigued by this process they stay and watch for hours, asking more than one question, and the piece has been enjoyed by people of all ages and types from three upward.

This installation is massively impactful, fun, playful, easily managed, universally accessible and readily understood and interacted with, while simultaneously projecting a sense of mystery and "otherness"; asking questions about the nature of fortune and free will, the viewers attitudes to those forces and the tantalizing qualities of a quantum universe as unpredictable and enigmatic as cats themselves.

Previously seen at:

White Night, Brighton UK, 2009
Nuit Blanche, Amiens, FR, 2010

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